Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Reasons Why Dogs are Better than Kids

For all you who do or don't have kids...

  1. Kibble and water are cheaper than formula and diapers.
  2. They have more hair when they are born.
  3. Dogs can go on long trips without yelling "MOM HE'S TOUCHING ME!!!!"
  4. Dogs never grow out of being kissed in front of their friends.
  5. It doesn't matter how much dog hair a Dog gets in its mouth.
  6. You can cage a dog without going to jail.
  7. Dogs will watch classic Star Trek with you and won't laugh at the special effects.
  8. Dogs hide their "blankies" in their crates rather than dragging them around in public.
  9. The older a Dog gets, the more they like you.
  10. Dogs don't ask why. Dogs don't ask why. Dogs don't ask why.
  11. Dogs don't roll their eyes when you insist Dogs today have it easier.
  12. Dogs stick their tongue deep inside your ear canal; children use a pencil.
  13. Dogs don't jump on the bed; they just quietly shed in them and lay on you, considerately adding to your warmth.
  14. Dog poop is easier to get off the wall than crayon.
  15. When Dogs don't listen to you, it is because they cannot understand the complex human language.
  16. Dogs have tails, making it easier to grab them as they run away.
  17. No one passes you a Dog with a loaded diaper.
  18. When Dogs interrupt you making love, you don't have to explain that the two of you are "wrestling to see who does the dishes."
  19. Dogs don't grow out of their shoes every 2 1/2 months.
  20. Dogs, when entering those teen years, are neutered.

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